There are sights in the world that you can’t even imagine to be real, and my job is chasing scenes that are extraordinary.
To that end, I’ve traipsed through the Amazon jungle, and ventured into harsh natural settings like deserts and the Arctic.

I’d like to continue to capture various worlds from my own unique point of view,
and now, pieces from those worlds will be displayed on this website for all to see.

About Me

" Hi There, I'm Takaki " An experienced Photographer from Japan.

I primarily work as an outdoor photographer, based in Japan. I do photo editing and design in a small office, and sometimes I do website creation as well. I like traveling, so when I find the time, I go on trips with camera in my hand.


I always seek for stimulation, and I will always pursue originality in any shooting.

To that end, I sometimes go out to right below the equator and the tropical jungle, the arctic circle, the desert, etc.

In addition, I have introduced drone since 2017 and challenge photography from a new viewpoint.

Image Processing

I’m thinking image processing post-shooting is also an important element in the digital world.

I’m taking scrupulous notice and am doing digital image processing in the realistic range for it.

The picture by which photography and development were processed pursues the quality and I also handle the printing on my own.

Graphic Design

Like a photographer’s career, I also work in graphic design.

I am planning and producing various items according to the client’s request as well as printed matter.

I am also involved in video shooting and editing and website production.

My work has been featured on several websites and in numerous international magazines and publication.

2012 – May
My picture “Natural resources of Bolivia” has been published on the front page of National Geographic web site

2012 – June
My pictures published on Mail Online (UK)

2012 – June
The Telegraph Picture of the day

2012 -August
The double page spread of my photos used in View Magazine in Germany

2012 – September
My picture “Fuji” has been published on the Daily Telegraph Newspaper in the UK

2014 – March
My pucture has been published on the front page of 1x web site (Sweden)

My picture “heaven*” has been published on 500px blog “37 Mind-Bending Photos You Need To See Twice To Understand”

2015 – March
Winner : PASHADELIC Mt.Fuji Photo Contest 2015 (Japan)

2015 – April
My picture has been published LensCulture Earth Awards 2015 Editor’s Picks

2017 – October
National Geographic Editor’s Spot Light Top Shot:Autumn Framing

2018 – June
My photo is used as a poster for the FULLMARKS Mt.Fuji mountaineering image that deals with Nordic outdoor brands (Japan)

2019 – March
My picture has been published on National Geographic “25 gorgeous photos of cherry blossoms”